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about us

A Bit About Us…

CrossFit Moonee Valley’s legal trading name is ‘Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning.’ This name stems from us having an unashamedly ‘aggressive’ approach to fitness. Yet contrary to this hard-hitting name, our ‘box’ (slang for a CrossFit facilty) prides itself on providing a genuinely friendly and completely welcoming place to train for people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. Our coaches are incredibly affable and understanding, and will go far beyond the role of your average trainer. The one and only thing remotely ‘aggressive’ about us – our direct approach to fitness – just means we don’t muck around when it comes down to the bottom line; getting you in the best shape you’ve ever been in with solid, tried and tested CrossFit methodology. Never heard of CrossFit? Check this link below out, watch the vid, then keep on reading!

What is CrossFit? CLICK HERE

Who We Are And What We Do

We are a group of licensed, approved, highly qualified and experienced personal trainers/CrossFit coaches who have done the hard yards as athletes, as well as serious time on gym floors. We take pride in our craft, as it is not only how we pay the bills, but also a way of life, and one that we enjoy thoroughly. We live, sleep, eat and breathe CrossFit on a daily basis. We have turned a simple backyard gym into an ever-expanding force to be reckoned with over a period of 18 months, and now, in our new, larger venue we have stepped things up considerably. Also, we do what we do EXCEPTIONALLY well. Our high retainment rate, detail to service, heavy attention to form, unmatched social vibe and genuine sincerity set us apart from many in the industry.

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About Our Facility

The space we work out of is no ordinary gym/box. This is a large, legitimate, deluxe training space that has everything you need to progress forward on your CrossFit journey. We have  several dedicated coaches for different disciplines of fitness, and we have a wide range of general and specialty classes to keep you interested and motivated. Not to mention a great deal of ‘free gym time’ every day so you can work on anything of your own choosing. The world is your oyster when you train here, and the freedom and dedication you have as an athlete here is almost unrivalled. The giant standalone rack that dominates the gym floor is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to equipage, and you can be sure you’ll have everything you need to complete any given WOD.

Most importantly: WE ARE FRIENDLY, AND WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS. There are no cliques here, and everyone is treated with genuine respect. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer, more encouraging and hard working group of staff and athletes anywhere in the country.

In comparison, some fitness places cater to the so-called elite, or the so-called beautiful Some cater to anyone who’ll come in the door then forget about them completely. We cater to YOU specifically – whoever you may be – and you can bet the farm if you really want to work towards a new you and become ‘dedicated to becoming dedicated,’ then we can help you do it properly. When you walk in the door and sign the dotted line here, you instantly become high on our agenda: a puzzle to solve, a person to know, a life to kick-start.

The Bottom Line On Why You Should Choose Us

So, if you want someone to guide you who’s done the hard yards themself, who will never condescend, who loves seeing you thrive, who will get on your case when you need it, who will happily pat you on the back when you’ve really earned it, and who will be glad to call you friend, look no further. If you want a highly social gym, where you can pick and choose your times, and also who you train with – this is your place. On entering our venue it is assured that you’ll find yourself in a unique and welcoming place – which is unlike any other fitness facility you’ve ever joined.

We are Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning, the home of CrossFit Moonee Valley. People here are good. People here are real. People here understand. There’s nothing to be scared of. Get in touch HERE, and let’s get you started.

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