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Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning: now the home of CrossFit Moonee Valley

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Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning: now the home of CrossFit Moonee Valley

Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning has seen rapid growth since the first day of opening in October 2012, and unprecedented growth throughout the whole of 2013. It cannot be denied that our little Box has gone from strength to strength substantially faster than anyone anticipated, and as a result we have brought some major plans forward in years instead of months.

I am very proud to say that Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning is now CrossFit Moonee Valley. Yes, we have taken the name of the whole district. A district that stretches from East Keilor to Flemington, and encompasses the suburbs of Aberfeldie, Airport West, Ascot Vale, Avondale Heights, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Niddrie, Strathmore and Travancore.

This doesn’t mean we are the only CrossFit gym in these parts! There are a fair few around, and all of them pretty good by all reports. Yet, we couldn’t get a localised suburban name like ‘CrossFit Essendon’ – so we went a bit larger. I have to say I’m quite chuffed about that, and think CrossFit Moonee Valley has a good ring to it, while suiting our purposes immensely. Considering that one of our most pressing purposes at present is moving to a much bigger space somewhere else in the Moonee Valley district. (A bit more on this later).

Affiliation with the global fitness juggernaut CrossFit, as mentioned, was originally scheduled much further down Aggressor’s timeline. I wanted to be worthy of carrying the CrossFit name, develop further as a coach and CrossFit athlete, develop a hardened stable of potential competitors, and keenly observe if my new business would have what it takes to make it. It was a two year plan originally, and it was after these two years that I would either step up or pack up. Things have moved much, much faster towards a positive and permanent outcome than I could have hoped, and now just after the anniversary of our first year in operation, all the worthwhile boxes have been ticked. Packing up has never been an option.

This affiliation is stage two of our three part plan. Stage 1 was to open and grow. Stage 2 was to affiliate when we had the goods and ‘oomph’ to hold our own as a reputable CrossFit gym, and stage 3 is to move out and expand beyond the ‘box.’

Stage 3, still to come, is our biggest challenge yet, and one we are right up for. We are well on it, and hopefully within the next year we will have done what it takes to get CrossFit Moonee Valley inside a much larger complex. By then it is estimated we will have well over one hundred members, and will hit the ground running when we finally move in. A constantly full floor in a major space from opening night onwards is what we are going for. This is highly achievable if our track record is anything to go by, and is something most new gym owners can only ever dream of.

I have kept no secrets in regards to the benefits our current loyal clients/athletes will reap en masse when we move into new and larger premises. So please, stick with us before the move. I am very, very big on loyalty, and I promise you I shall reward you handsomely for that loyalty when the big move finally comes.  You have my word on it.

I also promise you that we will stay true to our amazingly social and friendly box vibe – always. Wherever we move, or no matter how big we get, our gym will never have cliques, everyone will be welcome, and we will train super hard and technical when the buzzer rings, and laugh lots during those times in between WOD’s – just like we do now.

Thanks for taking this journey with us guys. There’s a long way to go yet, so let’s kick a whole lot more ass along the way.

“Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning: The home of CrossFit Moonee Valley.”

Sounds good hey? 🙂

See you in the gym!

Drew, Maz & Evie.

Ps: Look out for the new CrossFit Moonee Valley website and logo. Hopefully up within the next month. The site will be a lot more ‘busy’ than the current one, and hopefully I can finally put my journalistic talents to some good use again!

PPS: If you’d like to train here, and get in on our great vibe and tough as nails training ethic, email me at: or call me on 0435947497

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