Moonee Ponds Personal Trainer | Crossfit Gym in Moonee Ponds

By Training With Us You've Chosen The Most Exceptional CrossFit Gym in all the Moonee Valley District

We have an unbeatable approach to fitness, and we ensure that your health, safety and goals come first in our gym. We are the most populated CrossFit gym in the immediate area - and there is a major reason for this; we are the best at what we do in the area by a mile. Our services are available for anyone looking to get 'CrossFit' in Moonee Valley, Airport West, Niddrie, Strathmore, and surrounding areas.

Our commitment to hard-hitting training techniques goes hand in hand with providing a comfortable environment for all our members, with a slow ramp-up in regards to your individual training and intensity. We take pride in accepting people from all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness. Our lack of discrimination and elitism makes us the most welcoming environment to improve your health and change your lifestyle in the Moonee Valley area, and maybe even in the whole of Melbourne.

When you come to use our facility and meet our expert trainers you will be exposed to hard work and friendly and sincere assistance. Although our approach is direct and no nonsense, our staff are open, affable and understanding. We don’t muck around when it comes to your fitness, and we aim to get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in.

Expect hard work, sweat and results when you enter our CrossFit box. And expect to make a lot of new friends too! Our community far exceeds anything else in the area. People are real here, and sincerity is the key to our success. Our team is comprised of licensed and highly qualified trainers and CrossFit coaches who have all been elite athletes outside the box. Extensive experience in many different sports, as well as being accredited and tertiary educated trainers has helped us hone our craft, and completely separates us from your everyday personal trainer who has usually only done a TAFE course and a few weekend seminars. Our hard-earned expertise can help you excel towards any fitness goal you may have.

Experience a Professional Personal Trainer

If you are not into the group CrossFit thing, and looking for a personal trainer in Moonee Valley, Airport West or Essendon, our CrossFit gym offers the solution. Our personal trainers have decades of experience between them, and our rates are exceptionally affordable. Conveniently located on the borders of Essendon and Airport West, we are able to offer services to anyone and everyone. Click the big red banner in the middle of the page.

Contact us on 0435947497 or to begin a rewarding relationship with exercise and health through our extensive CrossFit services.
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