CrossFit Moonee Valley - Coaches Blog: End of the Year Specials and Happenings!

CrossFit Moonee Valley – Coaches Blog: End of the Year Specials and Happenings!

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Hey! We are nearing the end of the year, and the Xmas break, so I thought I better remind you of a few dates, the INCREDIBLE specials we have on, and everything else that is happening at CrossFit Moonee Valley (Melbourne’s Friendliest CrossFit Box, on the borders of Eseendon & Airport West) ­– also including our Xmas party on Sat the 17th of Dec – NOW ALSO INCLUSIVE FOR FORMER MEMBERS OF CROSSFIT MERCILESS.


Firstly, we have a wide range of DIRT CHEAP specials on for yearly memberships for CrossFit, Metafit and Personal Training. These are just obscenely low prices – never seen before, and if your membership is coming to an end soon, or you just want to save HEAPS for the future, you would be crazy not to get on board. They are available for existing members up until the 24th of Dec (midnight), and to new members until the 8th of Jan (one day before we re-commence – also at midnight). If purchased, they will be added seamlessly on to your existing membership.

Check them out HERE


Also, for existing CrossFit members only (full members and On-Ramp – and now for former Members of CrossFit Merciless), we have a special on that I have argued with my peers about, because I simply didn’t want to do it. Yet here it is. It was originally scheduled to finish today, but since we have had two members take it up, and also a few of you don’t follow social media, I will give you until midnight this Monday (12th of Dec) to get on board with this.

From our private ‘Social’ page on Facebook – Check it out…

I’m offering some ultra-cheap deals for CrossFit memberships for existing members – OR NOW FORMER MEMBERS OF MERCILESS. For you current members I’m doing $1400 Up Front for 12 months worth of UNLIMITED CrossFit ($400 discount – and will not charge you over the 2 week break).
If you want in – don’t do it through Zen Planner – do it through my Bank account. We have NEVER offered prices so low (I don’t think ANYONE has), so get on this craziness ASAP. It will absolutely never be repeated. As mentioned, you only have until Monday. Then the other Xmas (also heavily discounted) specials will apply to you until Xmas eve – and the existing discounts for non-members are available until the 8th of Jan.
I will put this on top of your existing membership, or create a new membership, so there is no hassles at all, and one will flow into the other. If you are in, this will go straight into our account, and needs to be done by Monday midnight.”

Trading Name: Aggressor Fitness & Conditioning
Bank: Bendigo
BSB: 633000
Acc No: 146371927

(Please Put your first name and surname initial as the ref – and send me an sms as soon as you do it, and I will put it into Zen Planner as soon as the funds are cleared. Ph: 0435947497).

We have never had so many members, yet for the great year we have enjoyed, this is a thank you to you guys for your commitment. Quality CrossFit doesn’t get cheaper than this, so please, think quick and take action NOW!!


Click this pic for the Xmas Party Events Page.

Our Xmas Party happens on Sat 17th of Dec, and starts at 4pm. We’ll have a BBQ, we’ll have beer, we’ll have our yearly awards ceremony – the serious, and the jokey (I apologise for my language in advance) – for CrossFit, PT and Metafit clients/athletes: inclusive of the esteemed Athlete of the Year and ‘Tough as Nails’ awards.
Lots of food and drink will be supplied, but feel free to support us and bring your own too.
Awards ceremony will be at 6pm. Please make sure you are all there – as everyone will get a mention.
Kids are welcome up until about 7pm, then it is suggested they go home while we all get rottenly drunk.
Please RSVP to myself on 0435947497, or on the Facebook events page, as soon as you can. Show some club spirit, and support our community. This is a big thing every year, and we’d really love you to be there 🙂



Click this pic for the current & Xmas Timetable

We will be closing on the 23rd of Dec, then re-opening on the 9th of January. During this time, we highly recommend you have a good time, stay safe, and try to just keep a little active. Programming will be available – as always – for those with and without gear, and you will be able to log your results in Zen Planner daily.

This time of year, we are always asked the question by numerous members: ‘Can I suspend over the Xmas break” – and the answer is no. Reasons being; we still have to pay the rent, whether or not you are present, and it is written into your waiver, and also your joining sheet on commencement with us. It is also factored into any given price you may be paying. Whether or not you are a contracted member, or an Up-Front member, your sheets state that you cannot leave or suspend 30 days before or after the 25th of Jan. If you do, you incur a $120 fee.

The first couple of years (when we were in the shed) we did not charge at this time, and we almost went under both times ­– so I am sure you understand the reasoning behind this. Whether or not you are here or on vacation is of no consequence. You signed the dotted line, you know how we work, so please don’t be asking. This is just for CrossFit Members. Metafit and Personal Training members are exempt from this, as they pay different fees entirely.

On the week before we go to break, I will be going overseas on a holiday (on the 18th) and Paula and new Coach Pete (formerly of Merciless) will be looking after the place. It is our quietest week of the year – every year – so we will only be running 3 classes a day every day: 6am, 10am and 5:30pm, and we will only be Open for Metafit and open gym on Thurs – 9:30am & 6:30pm. You MUST book for these classes, and if you don’t book, class WILL NOT happen. It would really help us out lots if you guys started booking on the weekend, and not on the day ­– especially during this week, as we then have great idea what we are up for.

I’m going to see you lots before I shoot off. Lots of people already in Christmas holiday mode, and the gym has been a little quiet on existing members lately – yet we have record newies coming in, and NO-ONE has left. So c’mon guys! Get pumping iron before the 23rd so that beach body is in order, and also to support your club!

We are going to have an AMAZING year next year. Lots of new members, new gear, new coaches, and plenty of new athletes ready for competition. All very exciting!

Stay safe! Train hard up until the break (and beyond – as it’s all there for you – if you like), and I will see you in the Box soon!

Coach Drew & the CMV CrossFit, Metafit and Personal Training Team.

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