CrossFit Moonee Valley: The essentials of why we ROCK!!

CrossFit Moonee Valley: The essentials of why we ROCK!!

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It’s been a long and satisfying road since originally learning my chops teaching MMA guys CrossFit basics as a fledgling coach/personal trainer years ago, then upgrading to our beloved, yet tiny, facility as an affiliated SGT (small group training) gym in the burbs. The old shed, which we all miss very much already, gradually started bursting at the seams every night with hordes of people rabid about functional fitness, bringing forth the need for a move much earlier than originally anticipated.

Our most recent expansion venture – CrossFit Moonee Valley #2– is the result of this move, and is a large, fully decked out, fully accessible, easy to get to, easy to park at, specialised facility with a great vibe, specialist coaches, amazingly friendly people wall to wall, and it has an air of sincerity and care that is profoundly unique. Not to mention now being fully operational. We’ve taken all that was good in our tiny shed and amplified it x 1000. Our new space is undoubtedly a fantastic and friendly place to train, and it sits comfortably on the borders of Essendon, Niddrie and Airport West. (More below pic)

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Yes, there are bigger gyms around, there is no doubt of this; but bigger is by no means better. At 330sqm our facility is not by any stretch the largest in the city, nor even in the area. Yet I can say with complete confidence that we have something that many gyms don’t have. We are REAL, we are SINCERE, we are highly professional and safety orientated, and we have a very special, established communal vibe that is incredibly hard, if not impossible, to replicate.

Also, very importantly, we love what we do, and money (the ultimate governing factor of the great majority of gyms) is by no means the core focus of our work. I say this with complete and utter honesty. Though we make a living and support our families with what we make running this place, you can bet your pants that our athletes/clients are EVERYTHING to us, and that their welfare and quality of care comes a firm first before mere coinage. As a result the dedication our team offers cannot be measured monetarily. Our athletes on many occasions become our very close friends. If ever they are in trouble and need help, it is assured and proven that we will step up to the plate to make things right.

As far as we are concerned a CrossFit box is about much more than just CrossFit as a sport, or any amount of money or flashy equipment bought. Having the biggest rack, or the most gear is of no consequence. Big gyms go broke every week, or have no vibe at all. A great gym is about building an established community, it is about love, it is about courage, it is about honesty, it is about pushing boundaries the right way, and it is about helping those who need our help. We are dedicated to your cause, and we are very proud and thankful for the opportunity.

So in a nutshell, one of the main things to love about our gym is that what you see is truly what you get. There are no pretenses or ridiculous closed-off social cliques. When you walk in you are greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome. If you want to join, you join. There’s no one going to do the hard sell on you and back you into a corner until you get your wallet out. Nor will you find out a month down the track that your coach/coaches are not what you originally thought they were. In my experience there is nothing worse than some initially over-friendly supposed guru coach that makes you feel great on the first night, and then turns into an utter A-Hole once you sign the dotted line. Rest assured at CrossFit Moonee Valley this will never be the case.  Our people are selected not only on their athletic and knowledge-based merits, but also on what caliber of human they are. You will never find some oily, insincere, money driven opportunist working here. We walk the walk and talk the talk on a very straight path. If we like you, you’ll know it. If we don’t like you because you’ve pushed our buttons, you’ll also know it. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. If you respect us, we’ll show you the same courtesy. If we can’t gain mutual respect for each other, then a gym full of awesome peeps like ours probably isn’t for you, and a mega gym where you are just a number may be more your scene?

And it is our highly respectful and dedicated athletes (the awesome peeps mentioned) that really make our place tick. They are so very much more than just numbers here, they are our lifeblood. They swear, they sweat, they bleed, they laugh, they cry, and they endure – not only for themselves, but for others too.  And in my experience if there is good, friendly leadership at the top, then it filters down to the troops.  We have this going on in plentiful supply here at CrossFit Moonee Valley. Great coaches, amazing people – accepting of all: young, old, straight, gay, black, white, fit or not even remotely fit at all. We’ll take on anyone and treat them as equals. This is why we are one of the friendliest CrossFit boxes in the country, and even though we are just getting established in our new space, we unashamedly and unreservedly ROCK.

After our people’s safety and welfare, we do CrossFit first. We don’t have businesses on the side to supplement our living, and we haven’t just jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon to make a few extra bucks in this boom time. All our coaches have been high level competing athletes in sports outside the box, we know how to train you properly, and you can bet your arse we have dug in deep at our new HQ, and we are here to stay.

If you let us, we can turn you into something special – as long as you go hard, listen, and give it your all and respect those around you. This is all we ask.

Welcome to our new community. It’s going to be a pleasure to meet you, train you, and become your friend. We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

See you in the gym.

The staff at CrossFit Moonee Valley.

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