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Incredible coaches, high-intensity CrossFit classes and a welcoming environment are just some of the reasons why you should consider our services. Our team is dedicated to providing accessible and enjoyable training for anyone willing to put in the hard yards. We have built a reputation for results and rewarding experiences within our gym. Through our passion for fitness and our commitment to creating the most motivating and caring environment possible, we have developed services that cater to everyone.

Our gym is a force to be reckoned with! Beginning as a small training space in a shed, we have evolved into a team of motivators and achievers, now in a MUCH larger, fully decked out premises. Each of our clients are offered personalised care and attention – we don’t allow you to get lost in the crowd. There are not many gyms in Essendon and Airport West that offer the level of attention we offer our clients. Our record retention rate is a testament to our completely client focused services. YOU are our number one priority. We do everything we can to help you exceed your fitness expectations through our specialised CrossFit classes and professional coaching/personal trainer team.

We are located in Airport West, allowing clients from Moonee Ponds, Strathmore and surrounding areas to easily access our services.

Our Passion for CrossFit

We live and breathe for our gym and CrossFit training. This style of training is designed to help you go above and beyond your expectations of fitness. We don’t just offer exercise and equipment, our personal training and face to face coaching is a lifestyle change. When you enter our training space you should expect hard work, a lot of sweat, motivation, support but most importantly rewarding results.

Our passion drives us to ensure you succeed. If you are interested in our services or want to know more please contact us on 0435947497. Our space is open Monday to Saturday, do not hesitate to come down to speak to a coach or personal trainer and check out our impressive facilities.

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