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Scared a little by CrossFit? That’s ok, we really DO understand. It’s admittedly pretty full-on! Time for Metafit!

How about trying this then? Unlimited Metafit sessions without the ‘hardcore’ nature of CrossFit, and suited to anyone. Nothing to be scared of.
Great value, amazing coaches, friendly environment, with heaps of benefits to be had if you ever decide to ‘upgrade’ – or just do this forever, no probs!
Book for a month Up-Front any time you like, or do a Drop-in, and join us the same day/week!

It’s all about fun, without the ‘hardcore’ nature of CrossFit, yet with expert, friendly, sincere and exuberant instructors; all pushing you at fun, safe and challenging exercise, which is highly addictive and suited to anyone of any age or fitness level. And, you can work at YOUR OWN PACE. No one is going to yell anything but encouragement at you in this facility on the borders of Essendon & Airport West! Be assured of it.

Get right into this, and one day this might even be a gateway to CrossFit in the future – your choice? Yet, we are happy for you to do this for as long as you like, and if you enjoy it, you are welcome to do it indefinitely!

Also: WE ARE TOTALLY MUM & BUB FRIENDLY!! Bring in your little ones, our community is so awesome that all the Mum’s look out for everyone’s bubs, and we have beautiful-hearted helper called Maria that keeps all the kids safe while you workout. 


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