On-Ramp Options (Melbourne's Most Comprehensive CrossFit Beginner Courses)

On-Ramp Options (Melbourne’s Most Comprehensive CrossFit Beginner Courses)

But…please read below before you do. So you are fully clued-in on what is on offer.

Ok, if you want to go cheap on your fitness, and not reach your potential by not getting taught the ins and outs of functional exercise, and want to end up bored, unmotivated, and generally unfit – eventually giving up; then please don’t read any further. Go join a Globo gym, pay your $10 a week, and become another rat on the treadmill – almost literally.


If you want to make an investment in your life, your long term health and knowledge, and your overall potential; and if you actually want to graduate into our group CrossFit classes with a full knowledge of what you are doing, at the pace you should, without cutting any corners, please read on. We have something great for you.

Our club hoodies, displaying what we are all about.

Our club hoodies, displaying what we are all about.

As the head coach of CrossFit Moonee Valley, if I had to lay down the 5 top reasons why people come and join our CrossFit Box, they would be…

  1. “I got bored at the Globo gym, and couldn’t keep myself motivated, and just stopped going.”
  2. “I went to another functional gym/box, and they really just didn’t teach me anything or care, and right from the first night I never felt welcome.”
  3. “I’m a social person, but there was no community vibe at the gym I was at. I worked out on my own, and didn’t talk to anyone, and no one talked to me, and I eventually hated going – so I quit.”
  4. “I need to be pushed to work out, and pushed in the right way. I also need to be accountable to someone who knows what they are doing to keep things moving.”
  5. “I want to take things next level, so here I am.”

Can you see a pattern here? I can. People get bored and frustrated with traditional models of fitness very easily these days; and also ­– now that there seems to be a functional fitness facility on every block, there are widely different ‘community’s’ – or complete lack of – whose ideals, manners and work ethic all trickle down from the people running the place. Basically (and unless you are a complete idiot) if you’re a nice person with solid goals and aspirations in a half-assed, unfriendly and unfocused establishment, things won’t last for you there. And if corners are cut to teach you the basic foundations of the world’s most multi-faceted sport, there is something incredibly wrong with the way things are done in your Box.


Our facility is ‘different’ – and not your ‘Average Joe’s’ version of fitness. We do things RIGHT.

That’s where our ON-RAMP ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Standard’ come in. Both are detailed foundations courses for beginner CrossFitters who want the FULL package of learning – personalised and planned out, and not missing a single element when it comes down to what you should know in your first year in CrossFit; so you can ultimately join our thriving community here at CrossFit Moonee Valley with complete confidence.

By signing up for this course you get…

The ‘Deluxe’ package offers…

*8 personalised 1 hour Personal Training sessions (2 per week) – these can be 1 on 1, or small group format, your choice, with a wide range of experienced and patient coaches to guide you every step of the way, at times that YOU choose.

The ‘Standard’ package Offers…

The same content as ‘Deluxe’ – but starts on the first Tues of every month; running on Tues and Thurs nights at 7:30pm – is 8 sessions also, and must be done in order. It is in group format, from 4 to 16 people, and is substantially cheaper than ‘deluxe.’

In BOTH On-Ramp courses we…

*Cover every element of CrossFit in extreme, but understandable, detail: weights, gymnastics, cardio, mobility – and everything you need to go with it.

*We start small, and ramp up accordingly – all in proportion with your individual ability.

*If you do the maths, we charge far less than a Personal Trainer with the vast experience you are getting exposed to here should. And at our Box you actually learn; and not just do some heavily repeated workout or circuit that some inexperienced ‘trainer’ straight out of a six week course gives to his/her clients over and over again. Our coaches are hired for both their experience, as well as their friendliness, patience and sincerity.

*The workouts are structured and ordered so they work into each other, and one helps you recover from the last. These tailored workouts, exclusive to our Box, will provide you with everything you need to know in your first year of CrossFit and beyond.

*After you’ve finished, you also get a discounted rate on group CrossFit classes, and everything else on our comprehensive timetable (with several free specialty classes).

*We also try to sincerely get to know you, because if you are to be a part of our community, we like to know what we are dealing with as much as you do; but we guess if you are here, then you are truly serious about your fitness. We are too – so hell, let’s get to know each other!

Remember: These are On-Ramp sessions are all completed before you join our community group/class sessions. Learning CrossFit in this type of detail is invaluable in furthering your life, knowledge and health, and these detailed, in-depth skills will instill you with the know-how to workout with sound confidence anywhere, any time, and with anyone; and most importanttly – reduce your chances of getting hurt dramatically.

You can get cheaper – but they’ve undoubtedly cut corners. WE HAVEN’T. Ask our over 50 of our clients about their TERRIBLE first night at other gyms – you are welcome. There’s 100+ of us, we are doing something very, very RIGHT!! 🙂

Let’s get you started! Click the button below to choose a payment option. Get it completed, (takes only a minute), and we’ll be in touch shortly to book in your first one on one CrossFit session and have a friendly chat 🙂



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