personal trainer jobs

personal trainer jobs

Personal Trainer? Need a Place to Work? How About Working in the Most Friendly, Funny and Thriving CrossFit Gym in Melbourne?

Would you like to run your Personal Training business from a great facility; free from all the ridiculousness and hassles of a corporate gym? Would you like to wear what you want, work your own hours and work alongside other established personal Trainers and Coaches that really know their stuff?
Would you like FREE CrossFit, Mobility & Olympic Lifting training on top of your incredibly reasonable rental fees, and would you like to set yourself apart from the thousands of other ‘generic’ trainers out there? We offer internships, training and full back-up of anyone that takes our business as seriously as we do. Become part of our tribe, and there is no limit to the friends you will make, the knowledge you will receive, and the people you will help.
Our established, thriving community, attention to form, patience and genuine interest in our athletes and staff completely sets us apart from the majority of gyms in our area. We’d love for your to be a part of this, as we offer a plethora of opportunities for those as dedicated as we are.

We like you to be extremely pro-active in your chasing of clients, and if you cannot do this – there is no need to apply. We need people who are ‘go getters’ – and we will teach you how to sell, as well as get as many clients for you as we can. Yet ultimately it is up to you to make your marks – as it is in any business where you are your own boss. If you wish to be a lemming; training Grandma’s on treadmills for the rest of your life, and have no plans to increase your knowledge and potential for wealth – you know where to go – and that aint with us! If you are prepared to chase waht is yours down, and really care about those you train – WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.
If you have at least 6 months job experience and an interest in functional fitness, please get in contact with us today on ph: 0435947497 or email:
Alternately you can fill out the form below. It’ll only take you 30 seconds, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
Can’t wait to chat about your possibilities! Personal Trainer jobs at this facility are limited – GET IN QUICK!


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