*All Classes MUST be booked by members via our software Zen Planner. If they are not booked, they will be cancelled, and there will be booking penalties for late cancellations.

*On Ramp Classes are beginner classes. We offer the most friendly and in-depth On-Ramp training in Australia. If you get cheaper somewhere else, there is a reason – they’ve cut LOTS of corners. We cut no corners, and we enable you to graduate to Group Classes with confidence and knowledge that will transfer to everyday life. Booking via phone or email is essential. Please get in touch if you want to make a serious, long term investment in your health.

*Open Gym time is not a coached lesson. There is a coach present, but please realise this is time to do your own thing safely. Read the board, use Zen Planner, and get to it on your own. Also, you must be deemed ‘self sufficient’ to attend any Open Gym times.

*If there is no booking for class a coach will NOT be present. As it stands ALL classes must be booked at least 2 hours in advance. If bookings are not made within these these times, the classes will be cancelled.

*12pm classes must have 2 people booked to transpire. These are our quietest classes of the day. We suggest getting a ‘training posse’ together and booking together. No double-bookings, no class.

*Management reserve the right to cancel any class, but will always do so with sufficient prior notice. Please make sure you are subscribed to Zen Planner and our Faceboook page for any notifications. We take no responsibility for technological ineptitude 🙂


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